The source  

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Do you have a PS3?
Dying for some Zumba to change up your workout routine?
You live in thank-goodness-for-universal-healthcare Canada?
Do you have a The Source store in the neighbourhood?

Then you'll be able to buy zumba at the source!

Only $40 for a new workout routine and it'll save you from having to go to the store because it's available online! (It's saving the workout you'd have to do for when you get zumba, to play in the comfort of your home. If it's not ingenious, I don't know what is.)

Cell booster  

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I bought a new phone not too long ago and it was cheap! To get it cheap, I had to sign a two year contract with a local telco for the data plan. But it's been two or three weeks now and I'm beginning to regret signing with them.

Their cell signals are crap!
I find that it can't stabilise the signal on 3G but alternates between EDGE and GPRS. When it's on 2G and 1G, I become much thankful for 3G. Makes me want to get a cell booster or something like that.

You peeps in Canada may want to try searching for "wilson cell booster canada". For me, I can only go for "cell booster malaysia". You see, items like this are considered special so it's difficult to find. That makes searching more difficult.

Barcode scanner  

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When my dad got his new phone, I played around with it. I discovered this barcode scanner app that never seemed to work. Lo and behold, now that I think about it, it could have been a QR code scanner and not one for barcodes. But it'd be cool right, if it were a real barcode scanner? Imagine the amount of information you'd find with it. You could even play cashier for the day! Hardy-har-har.

Love you!  

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If I write any more of this crappy random crap, this blog is going to turn into a spam blog!
The things people do to make a living, huh?

In other news, I renewed the other blog's domain for another year or two. May have been the stupidest thing but I didn't feel quite ready to let go just yet.
Couldn't just drop everything I've worked for because I didn't update as often now, could I?

Later losers!

Trade show displays  

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Having been to several exhibitions, you can't discount the fact that Pop up displays are an integral part of an exhibitor's ability to attract people. It goes down to primitive characteristics like how a peacock attracts its mate -- big and eye-catching. Tiny booths suck because there isn't enough space to move about. Not to mention, people may just walk past it without noticing. Then you need to have an eye-catching booth. I'm talking different; creative. Maybe not the standard booth design or shape but something out of the ordinary. That'll be a start to attracting people to your booth.


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We have lots of projectors at my workplace. Some of them are canon projectors, others are not. But the thing about projectors that is so awesome is that anyone can buy one and have your own screening theater at home. I mean, they cost a bomb for some people but money can be earned and saved so that's not a big issue.

Steel buildings  

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If you're looking for a warehouse, shed or garage to be built then crown steel buildings is for you! It's steel -- fire proof and durable! Plus, you have the option of spending some quality time with your loved ones erecting a building together. How manly!
How it works: You can send in your specifications and you go back and forth with their designer to get the building that you want. Then, they'll manufacture the bits and pieces that make up your building and send it to you. You may choose to hire someone else to erect it for you too.
Sounds like fun to me!

Halloween invitations  

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If you're planning on throwing a Halloween party on October 31st, then you're going to need Halloween invitations!

No Halloween party is complete without a matching invite from the host. But fret not if you're too busy shopping and decorating for the big day because you can outsource the invites for cheap (and convenience!). There are templates for you to choose from where you can customise the text, its colour and placement.

Hurry and order now before the big day!

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy  

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Every now and then, I'm thrown topics like "bioidentical hormone replacement therapy" and more often than not, I have no clue what they are. So, after a little research, I found that bioidentical hormones are basically natural hormones made from plants that are identical to the hormones produced by our bodies. It's important because that ensures our body doesn't reject or become immune to the other types of synthetic hormones that are made from animals. Now why would you even need hormone replacement therapy in the first place? For starters, everything in our body is regulated by the secretion of hormones, e.g. menstruation or metabolism. For instance, a lower level of testosterone in a man may be a problem for him which is why doctors may prescribe hormones for him.

Argon oil  

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Having sat in an air conditioned room every day for six months now, my skin has begun showing signs of dehydration. My elbows are flaky and itchy and my lips are chapping like how it used to before I started myself on lip balms years ago. Then I saw this link about argan oil for skin. According to wikipedia, unroasted argon oil can be used for treating skin diseases traditionally. Also, all* argon oil sold today will benefit the local women by giving them healthcare and education. Now this sounds like a venture I'd support.

Lapel pins  

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You know what would be a good product to show your association with one another? It's got to be lapel pins. They're cheap, they're customized, and you can make tons for when your membership goes up. They also make great souvenirs for charity donations. As long as you cover your cost which could be lower than 200 USD (3/4") depending on how much you cover.

Medicare Part D  

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I read that health insurance costs in the US are some of the highest in the world. While their hockey stick-wielding neighbours, the Canadians, enjoy national subsidized healthcare, the young working American has to rely on their employer's private health insurance benefits because the American insurance industry is privatised.

Now, there are many Medicare plans for the customer the choose from. Medicare Part A to D.
Part A: Hospital
Part B: Medical
Part C: Medicare Advantage
Part D: Prescription Drugs Coverage

Medicare part D plans are available as standalone plans or as a complement of Part C Medicare Advantage. Now as with all insurance, they DON'T cover ALL drugs. Some drugs may be covered under another plan.

If you opt for a standalone Part D plan, you may have to pay a monthly premium. But premiums may differ depending on your age, health condition and so on.

For more information, contact your local Medicare representative.

Flower Coupons  

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Do you frequent coupon websites that aggregate all your favourite retailer's coupons in one page? Always thought they could do better with a section on flower coupon codes? Look no further for there is a whole site dedicated to flower coupon codes! It's ProFlowerCoupons! They compile the net's flower coupons on one page here in their flower page. No more whining about how flowers are so expensive nowadays because now, you can start saving with ProFlowersCoupons!

An unforgettable moment  

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Good morning, ladies and gentleman.
I'm here to share with you what I thought was an unforgettable moment in our last CSR project at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

For me, that moment was when I met this little girl. Her name is May and she's an orphan.
May's mum was mentally unsound and her dad, he was abusive.
From what my colleague gathered from the nurses, May's in the hospital because her dad put a hammer to her head.

Despite all that, she just seemed so unfazed.
I mean, you wouldn't be able to tell that she's been through a lot of hardship for someone her age. Although, the scars on her arms might've given it away.

Seeing her so happy that day just made me think how important it is to be resilient in life.

If there's one thing we can learn from this is that it's important to pick ourselves up when we fail and not let bad experiences define our future.

Thank you.