PDF page counter  

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When you see, "pdf page counter", what do you think of?

For a moment there I was left wondering but after reading their description, "This is an ideal product for scanning and imaging service bureaus who need to deliver supporting reports to their clients or who need to count files before invoicing. It is also a great tool to verify the amount of work produced by employees in a production imaging department", I see it now.

For an organization that has to process tons of documents, like an insurance company, I can see that they're going to need something like this for when they issue policies. Or as a tool for double checking they have all the pages necessary, as well as using it for auditing purposes.

It may not be relevant to you but hey, it's good to know right?

Conference call services  

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If you're a small business and can't yet afford spider phones (phones capable of doing conference calls), don't worry because someone somewhere in the world offers what you need as a service.
Introducing, Zip Conferencing. They provide conference call services that will help fill that void in your office's list of facilities while you justify to yourself if you still need to get a conference phone (and even a line?) for your office. For what it's worth, they'd be able to offer you more than you can get on your own, if your needs are wide.