detox with comfort  

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Rehab can be scary. At least from what I've seen from TV. You suffer from withdrawal and it can be painful. That's why you need detoxification centers where they offer you round the clock care while you're undergoing treatment. It's money worth spending to keep yourself a little comfortable while you detox, isn't it? Better yet, they have flexible instalment plans so you don't have to worry about finance while you're in there.

LCD projectors  

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The thing with using projectors is that when you have a wonky display and you try to tweak the horizontal and vertical thingamajig, you can never get it right because the perspective or skew is always wrong. However cool they've become nowadays, they're still not user friendly. If Steve Jobs were still alive, I'd get him to revolutionise the lcd projectors..... too soon?

Old school paper invites  

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Usually, when people hit a certain age, they go out and make it a memorable one. Those are called milestone birthdays. Most people have a party. But you've gotta send out invites, right? Now move away from the computer. I don't mean to use facebook. What you want to do is use old school paper Milestone Birthday Invitations! Why? Cause the impact is there! And you get to experience the fun of designing it yourself! The next time you throw a party, use old school paper invites cause they're not boring like facebook invites.

Clearing houses  

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Always wondered how your credit card transaction is processed the moment you swipe your card? Check out ach payment at ACH means automatic clearing house. These houses are basically match makers, if you will. They match the transactions you make with your card from one bank to another bank, which is where the retailer's (who you've just bought something from) bank account is with. That's also what VISA and MasterCard are, clearing houses! (They're not credit card companies!)

Shop for Prom the smart way  

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It's prom time! Some things to consider: what's in fashion this year, how much can you afford to splurge, where to get your dresses without having to fight for it?
Well, your answer is staring you in the face. Look no further than no search "prom dresses 2012" and great deals will come! Plus, no waiting for the fitting room to free up!

Dear diary  

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I've been bumming all day. I thought this is what I do to relax but today I just felt bored and restless. I probably should've started on my work since I was bored but let's face it, no one wants to work on their day off. Ironically, tomorrow I will be going to the office to work so... kill me now.


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Did you know there are more than one type of hose?

Obviously, there's more than one type. But apart from the garden-variety consumer grade PVC or Nylon hoses, there are hoses made of metal, like the Delafield Corporation Metal hose. This type of hose is commonly used by businesses, not regular Joe's, like yourself. More specifically, manufacturers or even scientists may use these because metal hoses can be used to contain caustic fluid or even just used in harsh environments. These hoses need to be of a certain standard to be used in these situations that's why you should look out for ISO certifications and the like before selecting your metal hoses.

I suck  

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Situation: I think I'm about to receive a very expensive gift. Even his best friend is jealous of this gift.

Fact: I never know how to react to receiving gifts. Too polite and grateful seems like a fake reaction. A little less excited seems ungrateful.

Concern: He made an effort to pick it out for me. I damn well better have a reaction he's expecting so he doesn't feel unappreciated.

Christmas shopping  

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Christmas is coming and for most of us in the city, it means we have to start shopping for Christmas gifts. And it's usually this time of year that we crack our heads wondering why we didn't start our shopping earlier. We also wonder what things to get for our loved ones. And most times, it's a doozy. You just don't know what.

Some of the safest choices (for objects) are cash, gift cards, personal care gift set, a photo frame and accessories. For men/women with some cash lining their pockets, they could opt for diamond earrings for women. It's hard to go wrong with these things. Who doesn't get all sparkly-eyed when being gifted an expensive item, right? If not sparkly-eyed, you'll at least be touched that someone is willing to part with their hard-earned money FOR YOU.

Only 18 days till Christmas!