The handyman can  

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When I was a kid, I really really wanted a whiteboard in my room. So when I got a secondhand board, I got the hand drill (a manual one, mind you!) and some screws, and started work. I've got to say, putting the board up alone wasn't as easy as I thought but it was still manageable. But you know, I was using regular screws. Years later, the thing started wobbling. Now I learn that there's this thing called a toggle bolt. Should've just used those so it's more stable.

Orthopedic shoes  

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In this day and age, when our jobs and lifestyles may just be the downfall of our postures, it's important to safeguard ourselves from back problems. For me, shopping and doing touristy things like walking really kills my back and feet. I get backaches if I don't stop frequently to rest... and it kills me that I don't the appropriate shoes for walking because my heels crack from all the walking. That's when orthopedic shoes may come in handy. Take a look at orthaheel at It's good for your feet which translates to a better feeling back.

TVs for exhibitions and fairs  

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Go to exhibitions or industry fairs often? Don't limit yourself to just static displays, bring a TV or two! With a monitor cart, you don't have to worry about needing a wall to mount your tv, much less where. With just a TV, you've just increased the likelihood of people stopping to watch, giving you the opportunity to strike a conversation. But make sure it's interesting!

Giant Fried Pork Dumpling  

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I just saw a photo of a giant fried pork dumpling and I want to make my own Epic Fried Pork Dumpling.

I've started thinking about the ingredients.... is it just me or is it quite simple?

  • Minced pork
  • Bacon bits
  • Prawn pieces
  • Dumpling skin
Now, I'll need to marinate the mince with:
  • Sesame oil
  • Pepper
  • Lea & Perrins / Worchestershire sauce
  • Starch
Mix marinated mince with bacon bits and prawn pieces. (I'm not sure what this will taste like since the prawn and bacon won't be marinated together but here's to my sense of adventure!)

Spoon a goldilocks portion into the dumpling skin and seal with water. Then, FRY and SERVE!

Project management  

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Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, securing, managing, leading, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A project is a temporary endeavor with a defined beginning and end (usually time-constrained, and often constrained by funding or deliverables),[1] undertaken to meet unique goals and objectives,[2] typically to bring about beneficial change or added value. The temporary nature of projects stands in contrast with business as usual (or operations),[3] which are repetitive, permanent, or semi-permanent functional activities to produce products or services. In practice, the management of these two systems is often quite different, and as such requires the development of distinct technical skills and management strategies. From Wikipedia.

I just want to chill  

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My dream home would have a huge yard. For the dogs to run about, for the nicely manicured garden with patio furniture and water fountain nearby to host a nice garden picnic or party. Imagine the hypnotising sounds of flowing water on a cool morning. I feel like a retiree but that's what I want! I should probably start looking for water fountains here. Teehee.

Personalised toothbrushes  

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With reference to my previous post about my brother hijacking my toothbrush to clean our pet terrapin's shell... I think it would've been beneficial to me if I had my toothbrush labelled so it didn't seem like some orphaned and used toothbrush. Perhaps some give away personalized toothbrushes from retailers would be great. I don't know, a birthday present will do too.


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My brother has a nasty habit of using/taking/whatever anything he sees when he needs or wants it even if it's not his. It's disgusting. A bottle of water sits on the table seemingly orphaned. He's thirsty. If there are people around he'll ask, "is this mine", while proceeding to uncap and drink from it. Years and years ago, I come home to find our pet terrapin's shell clean. I commented that it was. He said he used a toothbrush to brush its shell. I freaked, "which toothbrush did you use"?! He used mine. I want to vomit.

Body pillows  

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For some people, the best position to sleep in is with a body pillow. I think it's because it keeps your hips in a neutral position and it keeps your hands occupied, ie. it lets you hug something! Even if there are factual explanations to explain why it's comfortable, you won't need it. Just do it; feel it and believe in it. The interweb's a great place to start looking for body pillow deals!

Thought 2  

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After graduating from a government human resource programme, my first rotation was with the Contests team. What this team does is organise contests for our partners to run for (and qualify by selling products), thereby being an internal force to drive sales.

Having come from a Mass Communications background, I was responsible for Promotions. With an audience of about 14,000 people, I learnt that every word you put out there does make a difference -- "Do I use the word rewarded or win?" Oh, the intricacies of communication.

I like dealing with a variety of media and me assignment exposed me to Merchandising. Vetting through draft after draft of designs and finally being able to hold the actual product is a rush. Now, the product that I helped work on is in the hands of thousands of partners. And that's pretty cool.

DVD labelling  

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My hard drive is running out of space and I need to find somewhere to keep my videos! Back when I didn't have an external drive, I had to copy them onto dvds. I have a number of them in my closet. My labelling system at that time was with post its, not dvd labels. Just didn't have that kind of stationery at home at that time. But they're definitely better because you get to print title designs on them and stick it on rather than have your ugly hand writing on it.


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The great thing about project management is that you manage your own time. More often than not, as I have observed, your time is dictated by everyone and everything else but yourself. If you let this happen, you kind of close yourself off to exploring new things.

"Hey, let's try something new"... "I can't. I don't have the time."

But if you're in a position where your role affords you the autonomy, the breathing space makes it easier. your disposition will already be different; you won't dread coming to work.

"What shall I explore today so that this can be better?"

I'm not saying you need to have control of your own time to be able to be happy i'm just saying it makes it easier. It's a state of mind.

You have to look for happiness, it doesn't look for you.

Favourite Quotes  

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I used to have really stupid crap on my favourite quotes section on Facebook... that was back when I was younger. Now, holy crap have I matured.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing. ~Albert Einstein 

Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn't even know was there. ~Little Manhattan (2005)

football gifts  

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Have you got a birthday boy or girl to shop for? Do they love football? Well there's always a gift for someone. I have an aunt who is an avid football watcher and this football gifts would make a great birthday present for her. You can personalise it by putting their face on it or just write something special. What's more, if you're organising a football game, you can even order trophies for the prizes!


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Tickets are paid for.
My office leave isn't technically valid.
We don't know where we're going to stay in Singapore yet.
Our flights are not booked.
I've never done something like this before.

But hell... this is kind of exciting.


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As you get older, and the arthritis kicks in, walking is going to be quite a literal pain. Worst still, you won't have the strength because your muscles are disappearing. Now what you need is a roll-about. It'll keep you on your feet so your muscles don't waste away, it'll help you walk even with arthritis (medication will help too!), best still, you get to go about your daily activities like grocery shopping.

e payments  

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Internet banking is permeating. So, why stick to manual, cash payments? It's not to say that our neighborhoods are safe. Why make yourself a target? We have to migrate to Electronic payment! It's quicker and more convenient. As long as you educate yourself about phishing scams, you will be okay! It's not that scary. Join the 21st century, people. Think about it.

Coilhouse pneumatics  

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Need some tools to get the job done? How about coilhose pneumatics? The leading manufacturer in air tools and fittings, you can't go wrong. It's a smorgasbord of toys and accessories for the grown ups! If your boyfriend or dad fancies things like this, look no further. Give them a whole set of them tools! It's not mainstream but hey, why go the conventional route, right?


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In Greek mythology, Persephone (pronunciation: /pərˈsɛfəniː/, per-seh-fə-nee; Greek: Περσεφόνη), also called Kore (/ˈkɔəriː/; "the maiden"),[1] is the daughter of Zeus and the harvest-goddess Demeter, and queen of the underworld. Homer describes her as the formidable, venerable majestic queen of the shades, who carries into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead. Persephone was abducted by Hades, the god-king of the underworld.[2] The myth of her abduction represents her function as the personification of vegetation which shoots forth in spring and withdraws into the earth after harvest; hence she is also associated with spring and with the seeds of the fruits of the fields. Similar myths appear in the Orient, in the cults of male gods like Attis, Adonis and Osiris,[3] and in Minoan Crete.
I'm sorry... Queen of the Shades, personification of vegetation?? So what exactly is Persephone?

Somehow the one bad thing makes everything seem bad  

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Am rewatching Friends with the Sister. So funny!
At the same time, am figuring out what the heck I want in Life.
Also worrying about a problem with my project that is progressing slowly.


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My desire to hike again is back and I can't wait to pull out my almost brand new hiking boots. I only wore it once, that's why. But hey, when this gets serious and a little more hardcore, I can start looking at better boots like the Zamberlan Steep. Light and comfortable, sturdy and reliable. At least you know you won't fall backwards going uphill carrying a load.

life insurance  

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People think having insurance means you're guaranteed a lump sum of money when something you're insured against actually happens. But really, even though most times you'll get your money, should the situation not meet the descriptions laid out in your policy, you may not get the full amount, even worse, any amount at all. You need to find out about life insurance without carrying assumptions. It's complicated but at least you learn the basics.

young and trendy twenty somethings  

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You're a young twenty something living in the city and you've just started your new job at an MNC. No matter what people or you say, you still care how you look. You want to look modern and sharp, hence the need for trendy clothes which actually cost a bomb nowadays. But if you know where to look, know how to shop smart and take advantage of bargains, you can do it.

bike racks  

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Have trouble ferrying your entire family to the park for a bike ride under the sunny sky? Foldable bikes too expensive or not available in your area? Then you probably need a bike rack for cars. Just install it and mount. It's that easy. Some websites even have an easy to use guide so you can pick the best rack for your needs and budget.

maternity clothes for all  

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You'd think maternity clothes were already plus sized but stores still sell plus size maternity clothes. Bad attempt at a joke? Yeah, I think so too. Now preggy chubsters can have mummy clothing too. In fact, their choices are pretty limited because of their size. And that's unfortunate. But now that entrepreneurs can start their businesses online, that should, in some way, multiply the choices that our ladies used to have.

loaded DIY Guy  

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Fancy yourself an amateur carpenter or Home DIY Guy? Why not be a DIY Guy with some heavy duty equipment so you can do all sorts of things, easier?! Go nuts for concrete blades, tile blades, stone blades and etc. When you get them online, you can get them at low low prices and receive goodies like gift cards! What are you waiting for? Load up!


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Often times I wonder, "what do you get someone who can afford to have it all"? Experiential gifts are great but sometimes you can't make it happen then you fall back on something material. If he like's westerns, heck, get him a Stetson Hat. Bam. They would cost a bomb here so buying from overseas may be a tad cheaper. But then again, he's someone who can afford it all.. he'd have tons of stetsons.

baby strollers  

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Did you know baby strollers cost a bomb in this day and age? I couldn't understand that until one day, I saw a baby stroller just fall backwards with a baby inside. Yes, WITH A BABY INSIDE! There's was a really slight incline and the parents had some baby bags hung on the handle of the stroller when the mum let go for a bit, the stroller fell backwards. BUT! There's a but. THE BABY WAS OKAY! She was still in there sucking her thumb. Not so much as a peep. And it's at that moment that I realised that it's important to get baby strollers which are good. Maybe something like the UPPA Baby Cruz. Seriously.

side effects  

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It's important to know what side effects the diet supplements you take will have on you. Don't be blinded by the positive outcomes, always consider the potential negatives as well and if you can do anything to counter it. Take for instance the side effects of myotest. The hormones could cause male pattern baldness but the manufacturers included an ingredient that would deter it from happening. When it all comes down to it, it's about educating yourself and making an informed purchase decision.

million dollar question  

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The million dollar question on everyone's minds when they're at a pharmacy looking for weight loss products is, "does apidextra work?" Okay, maybe not the million dollar question but at least it's THE question that's on everybody's minds. I mean, if you've never had it, how'd you know other than trying it yourself and having friends try them out then share the story right?

Real estate visa  

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Most countries will give you a visa if you have an investment in their country. Real estate, for instance. But if you're coming from a country where your currency is smaller than your destination country, there's that obstacle of exchange rates. But if you're well to do in your home country, then the problem isn't so huge. So what people do is they look for regional areas and buy a house there, like Southport nc real estate. Population: 2350++ in year 2000, it's a town near the mouth of Cape Fear river.

Laminate Flooring  

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Don't want tiles? Want timber but can't afford the real thing? Want a substitute but just like the real thing? Well then, try laminate flooring! Hit the link to check out some affordable laminates: mannigton laminate; there's a deal for everyone and a choice for everything! Search for laminates by brand, thickness, colour, rating, price or features, there's bound to be one that will make you a happy customer.

Wicker swings  

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Oh my gosh, how cool would it be to have wicker swings on your front porch?! If this were The Sims, just adding one to your house would be +10 to Room... they're so pretty :) They're especially beautiful with stone floors/walls and greenery in the background. The Jubilee Hanging Chair has always been the one for me... cosy, protected, and comfortable. Like no other.

Ceiling Fans  

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Relating to my earlier post about dream homes and building your own, most people don't really pay much attention to their ceiling fans. At the very least, they'll get themselves a KDK local brand fan. Some fancy folks might consider Hunter ceiling fans. These two are polar opposites. KDK is your basic white non designer ceiling fan while the Hunter is a beaut. You'll know it when you see it for yourself.

Rustic furniture and fixtures  

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Homes have been a recurring topic in my day to day conversations with people. Lots of people are renovating, some are talking about building their own houses. Then we move on to how one's wife needs 8 closets when the husband only needs 1. And then we talk about how we'd like our homes to be like. Then someone mentions rustic bathroom vanities cause they're just so awesome and most of us agree if the house has a timber motif.

Tv in my room?  

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I've been told that I need a TV in my room. It seems the best place to put it will be to mount it on the wall but there's always the concern that the whole device might one day fall flat on someone's toes. Maybe I'm just old school and figure a tv stand will do the job even if it takes up space. But I see that they have the electric lift cabinets now... so that's good.

Tanning supplies  

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Live somewhere cold? Too cold to go tanning? Too broke to go tanning? No tanning supply stores near by? Well, good thing you have the internet! Go ahead and google it or hit the link to get your own supply of tanning products that you can even do at home or have a sleep over with your girlfriends to do with.

Background checks  

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Need to conduct quick and effective background checks for employment candidates? If you're a small outfit, this may not come cheap but that does not mean the price isn't competitive. Is he who he says he is? What do his previous employers think about him? etc. -- all critical information that will affect your decision. Furthermore, having the peace of mind that who you hire is honest would be more cost effective than having to hire someone who might be staying for the short term.

LS14500 Battery  

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Looking to power your devices for the next three to twenty years? Consider the ls14500 saft battery. Because it's meant for long term use, it's non rechargeable. But for the reliability it boasts, why not? (Check out the data sheet available online). It can be used to power alarms and security devices, tollgate systems, memory backups, tracking systems and more! Comes in AA, R6, UM3 and ER6 sizes.


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A man was found murdered on Sunday morning. His wife immediately called the police. The police questioned the wide and staff and got these alibis:
The Wife said she was sleeping.
The Cook  was cooking breakfast.
The Gardener was picking vegetables.
The Maid was getting the mail.
The Butler was cleaning the closet.
The police instantly arrested the murderer. Who did it and how did they know?

Gourmet gift baskets  

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Want to say thank you to someone special? Try some fancy gourmet gift baskets from They're big and beautiful, special and personalised! The quickest way to showing appreciation is just a few clicks away. That special someone loves Starbucks? No problem! has a gourmet basket that's packed full of Starbucks products, guaranteed to make that special someone smile from ear to ear. Go ahead, browse! You won't regret it!

Taxes Pt 2  

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Responsibility of Employee

  • Complete and submit BE Form (e-BE) (husbands and wives need to submit form separately)
  • Retain the Statement of Remuneration from employer (EA/EC/etc) and receipts for 7 years

Reminder upon completion of form
  • Refer to the Statement of Remuneration from employment, other income statements and receipts

  • Deadline for submission of BE Form and payable tax (if any): 30th April every year


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It's time to pay your taxes!

Employment income subject to tax

  • Salary, bonus, director's fee, commission, allowance, perquisite, gratuity and etc. (item paid in cash or otherwise).
  • Benefits-in-kind from employer (motorcars, handphone, driver, maid, etc)
  • Value of living accommodation provided by employer
  • Employer's contributions for employee made to an unapproved Pension Provident Fund
  • Compensation for loss of employment

Steel span Homes?  

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My dream home would be in the farmlands. Actually, I just want to live on a big plot of land with green grass and where there's four seasons. Speaking of places to live, has anyone considered that maybe steel span buildings could be used as a living space? It's cheaper to build than an actual house but sure, it's not as cosy. But comfortability is adjustable and I don't see why you can't install electrical points and pipes for drainage. The walls may be a bit on the thin side but if the structure can withstand a hurricane, well, just layer up the walls and you've got yourself an abode!

Decorating at a clinic  

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Opening your own medical practice after slogging for years in a hospital? Congratulations! I hope you've found a place to set up shop because you'll need to start looking at medical equipment!

Get those measuring tapes out and start noting the space available. You're not going to fit that family practice table without taking into account the space you will have for other equipment and furniture.


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If you're skinny and thinking of taking proteins to bulk, you need to get some advice on products like these from a certified source, preferably someone who has taken nutrition counseling classes before. For example, taking protein too soon could make you dependent on it which isn't all that great. More importantly, you need to bulk without supplements first. Don't forget that everything you consume has an effect on your body.


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As a kid, I used to wonder where our school got the trophy cups for sports day and such. I'll ask myself the question but I never probed further. Probably because my attention span was short. But now that I'm all grown up and I know where trophies come from, the mystery is gone. But then again, now that I'm earning a paycheck, I see the possibilities of trophies as personal gifts, corporate gifts and more! You can get pretty decent ones for less about USD 10 too.

testosterone boosters  

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Doc said you need more testosterone? Want better performing commercial ones? Try now testojack 100. Not sure about the product? See what others have to say about it. If that ain't good enough, try talking to your physician and the friendly supplement store attendant about it. But remember, exercise caution. Too much testosterone won't make you a hulk, it'll just make you... sulk? Trying too hard? Yeah, I think so too.

Car parts  

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Today, a man's tyre on his ancient Volvo was flat. His jack was crooked and it couldn't lift his car high enough. He borrowed our jack but it couldn't life it any higher either. I know how to change a tyre but it got me thinking, what if it isn't a flat next time? What if something under the hood becomes problematic? Like the fuel pump? If I had knowledge in mechanics, I'd say, "oh no sweat, I'll just get a new Bosch mechanical fuel pump". Think I should consider classes now.

White dressing tables  

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For some reason, white dressing tables remind me of music videos about teenage girls. Why? Because it reminds people of snow white fairy tales. No, not Snow White snow white... but fantastical, good shall prevail snow white fairy tales. But of course, there's also that vintage look that just seems to be pleasing to the eye. Makes you want to live in Connecticut or something.

vlc player  

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The only player that I will use to watch videos is VLC player. It can play almost all video formats thrown your way with its extensive codec library. mp4, flv, wmv, avi, mkv; you name it, you've got it. The great thing about it is it's FREE! And there are even portable versions out there that you can carry in a pendrive to ensure that you won't have trouble watching a video ever. If you're sold, download vlc player now.

Salesforce reporting tools  

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Need an application that gives you an interactive dashboard for your salesforce reporting needs? Try SaaS BI. It comes built with a case monitoring system, analytics and monitoring systems allowing you to optimize your current performance. It's a great tool if you have too many recruits under your wing and need an application that shows you an overview of your business. Use the application to keep track and motivate your salesforce while maintaining your team's performance.

Fat burner pills  

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Bulking or losing weight? Looking for fat burning pills to help your progress? Considering Myoripped but aren't sure? Check out some of the myoripped reviews on the web. They'll have the pros and cons at a glance and point out considerations that you did not know to think about. Do your research or check with your physician on what the ingredients in those pills can do and their side effects.

Barcode scanner  

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When I was a kid, I'd be fascinated with the barcode scanners at the check out counter. I thought one day I'd be on the other side of the counter beeping stuff. Now that I'm grown up, I don't think I want to do it. It's a stressful job when the whole world's waiting for you to just work faster. But hey, barcode scanners are supposed to help you work faster. So yeah, good investment for your business.

Cold Winters and Warm Beds  

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2 weeks ago, I had a bad back ache and it was also the first time I had a professional massage. With the top off and all that. I felt so... naked. Heeheehee. Get it? Naked?

Anyway, it was also then that I discovered heated mattress pads. Electric blankets? Sure, I've heard of that but never heated mattress pads. Obviously this isn't something that's easily found here since it's Summer all year long.

It reminded me of the cold winters in Perth. My room was drafty and I'd freeze in my own room. Two hoodies and a duvet weren't enough to keep me warm. Good times.
Would've been nice if I had a heated mattress pad.

Outdoor lounging  

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When people talk about outdoor furniture, all I can think of is "I need to get out of this country and go somewhere with four seasons"!
Here, it's summer all year long and it's never cool enough to just lounge outdoors.

I long for the cool autumn air so I can get cozy in a blanket while reading a book outdoors. The last part's not true. I'd rather have an iPad with me. Or better yet, a puppy!

Side income  

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As Gen Y and later generations populate the interwebs, marketers are starting to see that they have a workforce of billions just a click away. They are presenting business opportunities to kids through affiliate marketing. It's where an advertiser pays the publisher for impressions, traffic, sales, downloads, etc. made from the publisher's website. You would sometimes know this as pay per click, pay per sale, pay per install, etc. If you have influence over your site visitors and have a high traffic website, this could be something you can consider as a side income until it really takes off.

Pool heaters  

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Do you have a pool?
Wanted to swim during fall or winter but couldn't because it was too cold?
Sucks to be you. If only you had something like a rheem pool heater.

Now, if you have the money to maintain a pool, you can afford a pool heater for added comfortability and value for your investment in the pool. No sense letting the water just freeze from Fall through Winter right? Have a good swim even if it's freezing outside. That's the best thing about pool heaters!

Keeping it nice and hot  

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It's getting so cold in the office, I'm contemplating getting an airpot to keep my drinks warm. Not 10mins after getting a hot cuppa, it rapid freezes under the gusty chills of the monstrous central AC. Not cool. Besides, I have low blood pressure and that already makes me sleepy. Add the low temperature, I'm pretty much lethargic out of my mind. To add insult to injury, I'm deprived of my hot cuppa. No matter how strong my will is, I WILL FALL ASLEEP. So... that airpot is essential.

Spill kits  

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If you work in an industrial workplace, especially with chemicals and hazardous materials, it's always best to have spill kits because your boss isn't going to give you one. It will be an investment for sure. So, what's in a spill kit? Water? Another chemical reliever? Actually, I don't know. But look around and find out! I'm sure the vendors will be happy to help.

Personalized gifts  

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Need to get a gift for someone? Little time to spare to shop? Shopping malls too crowded? No clue what to buy? Well, just browse through and you're bound to find something for him, her, the kids, the home, and more! What's more, you can also personalise the gift by etching their name or a message onto the gift. No need to crack your head thinking of gift ideas because it's all at Personal Creations!

Cuff links  

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I've only ever bought cuff links for one dude in my life. That dude is my cousin bro. It was a Superman emblem cuff link for his birthday while he came to visit which is once every 10 years. But little did I know that not all shirts can take cuff links because of the buttonless cuffs. So if all he had was buttoned cuffs and he was desperate to put them on, he'd have to cut the buttons off and cut a hole in the other side of the cuff.

Diamond solitaire rings  

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If you're looking to get an engagement ring for that special someone for that special occasion, why not try diamond solitaire rings? They're a girl's best friend! Oh yeah. They're timeless, they're a classic and that single diamond means that she's the only girl for you. Whoa! But you know, make sure you have deep pockets cause these will cost you a little. But what's a little money when you can get the girl of your dreams?

medical emergency assistance program  

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If you're an RV owner and are travelling, whether you're in the country or outside the country, it's always best to have emergency medical assistance when you need it most. No doubt, the first responders will be the paramedics but here we're talking about the period after that. What if you're overseas and need medical air evacuation back home? What if you need someone to send your RV back to you? What if you need cash advances, legal assistance, lost items assistance and all that? This will all be handled if you have a medical emergency assistance program.

Skin care at home  

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I've been so busy at work when I come home, I just don't want to do anything but sleep. Even on the weekends. So, I'm in desperate need of a facial and to take care of my skin at home. Being me, the first place to check is a skin care blog. But I'll summarise it for you. You need to drink lots of water, eat healthy, moisturise and apply sunscreen lotion. You don't really need toner.