Gourmet gift baskets  

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Want to say thank you to someone special? Try some fancy gourmet gift baskets from GiftBaskets.com. They're big and beautiful, special and personalised! The quickest way to showing appreciation is just a few clicks away. That special someone loves Starbucks? No problem! Giftbaskets.com has a gourmet basket that's packed full of Starbucks products, guaranteed to make that special someone smile from ear to ear. Go ahead, browse! You won't regret it!

Taxes Pt 2  

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Responsibility of Employee

  • Complete and submit BE Form (e-BE) (husbands and wives need to submit form separately)
  • Retain the Statement of Remuneration from employer (EA/EC/etc) and receipts for 7 years

Reminder upon completion of form
  • Refer to the Statement of Remuneration from employment, other income statements and receipts

  • Deadline for submission of BE Form and payable tax (if any): 30th April every year


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It's time to pay your taxes!

Employment income subject to tax

  • Salary, bonus, director's fee, commission, allowance, perquisite, gratuity and etc. (item paid in cash or otherwise).
  • Benefits-in-kind from employer (motorcars, handphone, driver, maid, etc)
  • Value of living accommodation provided by employer
  • Employer's contributions for employee made to an unapproved Pension Provident Fund
  • Compensation for loss of employment

Steel span Homes?  

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My dream home would be in the farmlands. Actually, I just want to live on a big plot of land with green grass and where there's four seasons. Speaking of places to live, has anyone considered that maybe steel span buildings could be used as a living space? It's cheaper to build than an actual house but sure, it's not as cosy. But comfortability is adjustable and I don't see why you can't install electrical points and pipes for drainage. The walls may be a bit on the thin side but if the structure can withstand a hurricane, well, just layer up the walls and you've got yourself an abode!

Decorating at a clinic  

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Opening your own medical practice after slogging for years in a hospital? Congratulations! I hope you've found a place to set up shop because you'll need to start looking at medical equipment!

Get those measuring tapes out and start noting the space available. You're not going to fit that family practice table without taking into account the space you will have for other equipment and furniture.


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If you're skinny and thinking of taking proteins to bulk, you need to get some advice on products like these from a certified source, preferably someone who has taken nutrition counseling classes before. For example, taking protein too soon could make you dependent on it which isn't all that great. More importantly, you need to bulk without supplements first. Don't forget that everything you consume has an effect on your body.


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As a kid, I used to wonder where our school got the trophy cups for sports day and such. I'll ask myself the question but I never probed further. Probably because my attention span was short. But now that I'm all grown up and I know where trophies come from, the mystery is gone. But then again, now that I'm earning a paycheck, I see the possibilities of trophies as personal gifts, corporate gifts and more! You can get pretty decent ones for less about USD 10 too.