Thought 2  

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After graduating from a government human resource programme, my first rotation was with the Contests team. What this team does is organise contests for our partners to run for (and qualify by selling products), thereby being an internal force to drive sales.

Having come from a Mass Communications background, I was responsible for Promotions. With an audience of about 14,000 people, I learnt that every word you put out there does make a difference -- "Do I use the word rewarded or win?" Oh, the intricacies of communication.

I like dealing with a variety of media and me assignment exposed me to Merchandising. Vetting through draft after draft of designs and finally being able to hold the actual product is a rush. Now, the product that I helped work on is in the hands of thousands of partners. And that's pretty cool.

DVD labelling  

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My hard drive is running out of space and I need to find somewhere to keep my videos! Back when I didn't have an external drive, I had to copy them onto dvds. I have a number of them in my closet. My labelling system at that time was with post its, not dvd labels. Just didn't have that kind of stationery at home at that time. But they're definitely better because you get to print title designs on them and stick it on rather than have your ugly hand writing on it.


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The great thing about project management is that you manage your own time. More often than not, as I have observed, your time is dictated by everyone and everything else but yourself. If you let this happen, you kind of close yourself off to exploring new things.

"Hey, let's try something new"... "I can't. I don't have the time."

But if you're in a position where your role affords you the autonomy, the breathing space makes it easier. your disposition will already be different; you won't dread coming to work.

"What shall I explore today so that this can be better?"

I'm not saying you need to have control of your own time to be able to be happy i'm just saying it makes it easier. It's a state of mind.

You have to look for happiness, it doesn't look for you.

Favourite Quotes  

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I used to have really stupid crap on my favourite quotes section on Facebook... that was back when I was younger. Now, holy crap have I matured.

The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them and do nothing. ~Albert Einstein 

Love is about finding courage inside of you that you didn't even know was there. ~Little Manhattan (2005)

football gifts  

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Have you got a birthday boy or girl to shop for? Do they love football? Well there's always a gift for someone. I have an aunt who is an avid football watcher and this football gifts would make a great birthday present for her. You can personalise it by putting their face on it or just write something special. What's more, if you're organising a football game, you can even order trophies for the prizes!