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Now, anybody who's using a PC will ultimately find that their PC no longer operates at the blinding speed they were once accustomed to. Unless, you routinely maintain your PC. Some ways of keeping your PC faster even at the ripe old age of 2 years include defragging (but the OS nowadays are smarter than the days of the XP so you don't have to do it often), keeping your HDD at only 75% capacity, regular disk cleanups, keep your desktop free of unnecessary icons and programs, don't install so many things, etc. Now, there are too many things to keep track for newbies right? I mean, not everyone's gung-ho about giving their computers a good check up. They just want to get in, do their stuff and get out. For this, you can check out for a myriad of products that will do this for you without the complications. It has reports, automated tools and schedulers, anti-virus software and more. And most importantly, it works. According to PC Magazine :)


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