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Recently, I've been feeling pensive. Lots of death around. Both siblings of a friend/acquaintance; both, young. I wouldn't say we're close but the fact that I have siblings myself really struck me how I might be in the same situation. Also, it showed me how life is so fleeting. I was at first really interest in an all expense paid trip to Antarctica but eventually the fire died down because I started procrastinating due to the fact that I had to submit a photo of myself.. and if selected, had to shoot a video and beg for votes on facebook which I hate. Due to my realisation that I want to live a fulfilling life before I die, I decided to just jump both feet in. I forgot about the video for one night and focused on just submitting my entry first. I might not even have been selected so whatever. 11 November, I'll learn if I have to make that dreaded video.


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