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It's been raining every day for the last few weeks. We're almost a month into our yearly monsoon season. I cannot remember a day where it didn't rain. While that means it's been a very wet November month, it's also been pretty cool. Which reminds me about insulation. Life in uni was terrible during winter. There was a draft that came in from under my door which made it so cold at night. The insulation in the room was crap too. I used to have to sleep in 4 layers for warmth. But that didn't help my extremities. I used to put stuff in front of the draft to somehow... slow it down. I don't think it worked. But seriously, edge seals would've been nice to have. I tell ya, these rubber edge seals are perfect to keep your room cool or to keep the heat in. I could've stayed warm all through winter if I had these babies.


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