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The quirky, occasionally entertaining but long product copy that they write on Groupon used to be something I'd read but now it's just... tiresome. Sometimes I run into a gem but other than that, I go straight to the point. Which got me thinking.... how do you write short copy for products like dog bark collars, so potential customers will click to find out more about the product? First, I know first-hand how it can be difficult to write one day in and out. Second, with the product sold at pet accessory merchants where the clientele, we can presume, tend to be pet lovers, how do you write something that doesn't scare them into thinking that this is a torture device? Sure, you can use words like "stimulation", "correction", "persuasive".. but it still sounds evil. I reckon some photos of dogs being incredibly comfortable with their "people" nearby. That should out a damper to those guilty feelings dog owners may have about "stimulating" their pups.


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