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Another pilot I've watched is Babylon, a new show on Channel 4 UK.

Director, Danny Boyle, describes it as "a cop show without detectives".

The pilot follows a few characters in Scotland Yard, particularly, American, Liz Garvey, former head of communications for Instagram has been appointed the Director of Communications for Scotland Yard.

The show begins with a TED talk given by Liz on the principles of using social media as a PR tool - Honesty. This will be her guiding light in trying to bring Scotland Yard into the new age. The pilot's main theme was about the communication inefficiencies occurring in Scotland Yard. No one knows what's happening for sure but even at that, those who know, refuse to be honest about it.

Babylon also introduces other likeable and not so likeable characters which I personally have not been able to tell how they're relevant to the major storyline yet.

Also, what's up with that last scene about sharing the pie? I can't find anything online to explain that scene. It was as if it was all supposed to happen and Liz had to "share a pie" with the other unlikeable character.
I've kept it vague so it doesn't spoil the episode.

The verdict? It's okay. I like the storyline about how Liz Garvey is going to change the way Scotland Yard communicates and I want to see more.

More on this till the next episode.

The Rebels  

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Lately, there has been a (little more than a) handful of pilots being broadcasted by US and British networks. Some worth mentioning are The Rebels and Babylon.
I'll be covering The Rebels now and leave Babylon for another day.

The Rebels tells the story of Julie Levine, a widow, who's left with a fledgling football team after her husband's death. She has no idea how to run... own?... a football team but she knows how to mother (sort of).

In the beginning, we, the viewers, might think that she would be better off selling the team to a masochistic oil tycoon but of course, she doesn't. Otherwise there'd be no story to speak of.
We also follow Danny, the team's newest (youngest, and inexperienced) General Manager, as he learns the ins and outs of football managing after his predecessor upped and left. Danny was Julie's late husband's assistant whom Julie promoted because she needed someone to run the team.

As we progress through the pilot, we see how Julie and Danny struggle to keep up with the demands of the game. The pivotal moment for both characters come towards the end of the pilot, validating their purpose. Julie's son reminds her that you shouldn't give up just because someone bullies you into it, while Danny learns that keeping the team together is more important than hiring new and shiny quarterbacks.

I reckon the first 2 seasons might be about reaching the championships while we root for Julie to find a new mate. After that, we'll see where the show takes us.

The first episode was not bad. It's premise is not new but the theme used is interesting. There are many shows right now where the women are fish out of the water but none who are trying to run a football team.

Having watched Joss Whedon shows, I've learnt to give a new series the look and see treatment of between 2 to 4 episodes so I can properly assess its quality. I'll be doing the same for this one.


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We've been looking for a good high table so we can have a standing desk. It's more healthy because you sit less. We saw some high tables that were pretty cool. And then we thought of making one ourselves; get some planks, a steel frame as the table base, probably look for used table saws for sale, and voila..! A standing desk.